The Book

Some words from Bruce the author of The Rich Revolution

Amazon Best Seller

My book was first published in 2013 it was a proud moment when it reached Best Seller.

If only briefly, it was ahead of one of the leading books in its field and one of my favourites ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kyosaki. If you would like to buy the latest edition of my book click the link below.

The Rich Revolution Book Cover
The Rich Revolution Book Cover

The Course

The book has now been expanded on and adapted into an easy-to-follow course. This gives you a detailed plan on how to get from your present position to complete financial freedom. So now, everyone has the ability to leave behind the stressful day-to-day rat race of just getting by.

So what is your focus? How is your plan for the future turning out? Are you on your way to the lifestyle of your dreams? For a future free from having to work and the time and money to do the things you really want, join The Rich Revolution.