A solid foundation for building wealth

Create a personalised plan to achieve complete financial freedom

I’m Bruce Bishop the author of, ‘The Rich Revolution’

The reason for creating this program is to share my tried and tested strategies on creating wealth. If I’d been shown this earlier in life I could have achieved much more in a FRACTION of the time. I was an ordinary guy with an ordinary income, yet I achieved financial freedom by applying some simple systems to my finances.

If I can do it anyone can

Once you’ve created your plan you will have this incredible sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve taken control of your future.
Due to my struggle with dyslexia. I left school with mediocre qualifications, dropped out of college in my first year and started work on the bottom rung of the building industry. Despite this, I started my own business in my mid-20s and through self-education from listening to audiobooks I created a plan to re-invest a proportion of my income into assets that created a passive income. This strategy gave me the benefit of time freedom from having to work, enabling me to retire from business at 44.

This brought me to the true understanding of wealth creation. ‘It's not what you earn, it's what you DO with what you earn’.

Now you can do the same

Using these strategies, we have developed a step-by-step program so you can create your own plan to have money work for you rather than forever having to work for money. This is the fundamental difference between the rich and the rest of us. Most of us continually work for money, whereas the wealthy have money work for them.

If you want a future free from having to work, plus the time and money to do the things you really want. Take a look at the step-by-step program that’s been designed to take you from your present position in life to complete financial freedom’.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a solid foundation for building wealth

The information in our programme comes together to create your own personalised plan. This is a complete roadmap from where you are now to financial freedom. All life’s significant events are planned – think holidays, house moves, or getting married. Even our weekly shopping list is planned! It, therefore, makes sense to plan for our financial future. Contrary to popular belief it’s not what you earn, it’s what you do with what you earn that counts.

To give you focus, we have created the WHAT formula that stands for: 

WHY  +  HOW  x  ACTION  =  TIME   
(W + H) x A = T   the WHAT formula.

I could say it’s going to be complex and hard work but actually, it’s very simple.   

  • Why. A serious reason why is what will motivate you.
  • How. These are the methods you will learn from this programme.
  • Action. These are the simple daily tasks you will undertake. 
  • Time. This is the freedom you achieve to do whatever you want.

Once you’ve created your plan you will have this incredible sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve taken control of your future.